Landslides & Rock Mechanics

CSA is recognized for its expertise in the characterization of earth movement, including landslides and landslide potential, levee failures, dam instability, and soil creep distress. We use unique subsurface investigation techniques best suited to exploration of slope stability problems and provide cost-effective recommendations for siting, design and slope remediation.


Members of our senior staff have collectively investigated over 600 earth movement cases throughout California, Hawaii and Utah. Our expertise includes:


Slope Stability Analysis

Our staff is recognized as being at the forefront of earthquake-triggered landslide analysis, which involves characterization of seismic ground shaking in addition to slope stability parameters. We utilize both two- and three-dimensional analysis methods.  We have conducted state-of-the-art slope stability analyses for many private companies, public utilities, and government agencies including:

Rock Slope Mechanics

CSA has extensive expertise with the analysis of rock slope stability problems.  Our staff is well versed with rope climbing techniques and safety equipment.  After field collection of detailed rock discontinuity data, we utilize advanced rock mechanics principles and software to evaluate various modes of potential slope failure and areas impacted by rockfall run-out.

Our expertise includes the implementation of: